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I am a Melbourne based artist and doll maker. I am inspired by the wild beauty of nature and the inner mysteries of the soul.

Creative expression was always a central part of my childhood. However as I got older and the responsibilities of adult life took over I became less and less creative. It wasn’t until I became burnt out and severely ill that I returned to art making and crafting instinctively knowing that this would bring me back to life and help me heal my broken self. I now look back at that dark time as a kind of initiation or rebirth into greater authenticity.

These days creative expression is at the heart of what I do. My purpose is to spread the joy and assist others to find their creative heart and healing, whether that be through facilitating workshops, gifting or selling my creations or making a bespoke item for you.

I hope you will enjoy wandering through my site and hope it is a doorway to inspiration, joy and creativity for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Current Offerings

Seasons of the Doll Workshops

Seasons of the Doll workshops for women celebrate nature’s cycles and assist you to create a handmade doll for the purpose of healing and transformation.

Doll making workshops (all ages)

Commissions- A doll just for you or a friend

A unique, commissioned doll is a wonderful offering to yourself or a loved one.

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