I am a Melbourne based  art therapist and healing doll artist. 

I create sculptural dolls and collages using found objects, natural materials and textiles and facilitate workshops on using dolls and art making for healing. I also work with community groups.I have been doing this for 7 years.

Based on my own experience and healing journey, I believe that the expressive arts are the medicine for our time.

In order to heal the rifts in our soul and in our communities, both local and global, the focus must be on finding new wisdom and resources from deep within, in the realm of the creative imagination.

The art therapy process that I employ in my doll workshops, Open Studio and community arts workshops allow the space for this connection to the creative source to develop and flourish.

This can liberate an inner strength, promote self esteem and foster other positive qualities like joy, compassion and equanimity.


Seasons of the Doll– Winter Circle 2016