La Lumina with Inner child

Inner Healer with Inner Child

La Lumina says…

” I am welcoming your child back to her home, the place of the heart. She is always a part of the universe, born of the celestial bodies, the moon, sky and stars. She is part of the lineage of female ancestors-the craftswomen, home creators and nurturers.

I am here to remind you of your Inner Flame that always burns within you and the spiral of expansion and contraction that creates flow and life itself.

Be alive! Be grateful! Rejoice in your life and the gifts you bring . Here in my Medicine bag I hold the gifts of this process…

Accept yourself
Nurture yourself
Be embodied
Have self compassion
Listen to your intuition
Stay grounded
Work with the images in your body and your dreams.
You are resilient.

With much love from La Lumina”
© Lisa Fam 2013