Creativity Muse

A goodly year in the making, this Creative Muse is inspired by the ancient fertility goddesses and the magnificence of magnolia blooms.

She has emerged slowly but surely, showing me that I can hold and sustain the inner creative fire over a length of time. I notice that the creative spark within her is also in the shape of a question mark. When I question her about this (!) replies with a laugh:

” It’s okay not to know.

To question, where on earth is this taking me?

That fleeting image, thought, spark

travels on the wind

until it finds it’s legs and ground

in the fertile soil of the imagination”.


It’s been a most creative and fertile year for me. Thank you Creative Muse.

I release you with gratitude for those seeking inspiration
on their creative journeys💗❤️🌻


Creativity Muse 2018 Needle felted wool roving, gum nuts