Wig-Womb of Creativity

The genesis of this doll was in a simple drawing I did on return from a country trip to the wild coastlines of Victoria’s Wilson’s Promontory. We had played with rainbows on the beach among other outdoorsy things,  and I was feeling grounded and replenished.  I had an exhibition coming up and the theme was “I am Art, and this is me”. This drawing was an exploration of that theme. I wanted to capture the inspiration of seeing the rainbow and how I saw myself as an artist.




I used eucalyptus twigs as a the frame for the doll and created a tee pee. I lined it with felt I had made previously and embellished it with embroidery. It had a womb like quality. It  felt like a rich, warm red cave of creativity, flow and the place of beginnings. Inside her is a creamy egg holding all the potential for new life and creativity. The small felted yellow bird is the creative ally…the one who takes the ideas and makes them real in the world. The doll wanted a face made of light and dark, which is not surprising given I created her around the time of the spring equinox, when day and night are in equal measure.







I named her  “Wig-Womb of Creativity”. I feel she is a celebration of my artist self and represents the culmination of the past 7 years of opening to and honoring feminine wisdom in my life.

Through my creative and inner journey, I have come to a point where I am now able to show up in the world, share my wisdom and learning with other women and help them to find their inner power through my Seasons of the Doll work.

Wig-Womb holds within her womb the seed/egg of future creativity, which seems to indicate that the cycle is never finished. Each end point is the beginning of another. This too is feminine wisdom. Her mind is balanced (yin -yang) and although she has no limbs, I feel her to be present and grounded. She is connected to joy and vitality through the rainbow of light and witnessing the way the elements intermingle to create beautiful visions. I birthed her easily!