Workshop Facilitator and Healing Doll Artist

BSc, Dip.Ed , Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy


 I have always been passionate about creativity and the arts. Through my own journey with life’s challenges, I have come to believe that art making has the potential to heal on so many levels- the personal, community and global.

I am a qualified art therapist with a Diploma in Transpersonal  Art Therapy and a former primary and ESL teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. I am experienced in working with adults and children from a variety of backgrounds, including refugees and migrants, the bereaved, and those with special needs.

I  have facilitated a monthly Open Studio for women, run workshops on creating healing dolls, facilitated Visioning workshops,  and participated in community arts projects. I am a regional coordinator for the Global Art Project for Peace.

Creativity is my lifeblood, and it is this joy of making, creating and connecting through art that sustains me. Along with my doll making and art, I write and walk the streets of  my city  with my camera.

My love of nature in it’s myriad beauty is a major inspiration for my work. Living near the beach provides me with spiritual nourishment and creative focus.