For the last 8 years I have been creating one of a kind dolls for friends and family to assist them through transitions in their lives.

A transition implies moving from one state to another. It is a time of change.

“New Mother”

Transitions mark important periods in the life cycle–for example when we leave home, marry or have a child, graduate, or leave work, become ill, lose a child  or face death.

Transitions can be joyful, but they can also be times of upheaval and grief as old identities come under pressure, are lost and new ones developed.

For example, when we become sick and are unable to work  we lose our identity as a healthy person contributing to the workforce. We may lose our friends, our income and feelings of power.

A doll created specifically for a transition embodies a vision of what we are becoming; the particular qualities we wish to invoke to guide us through the transition. 


Once you have expressed interest in having a doll made via my contact form, I will be in touch to discuss the type of doll you would like. I will ask you a series of questions related to the purpose of the doll. For example, who is the doll for?What do you want the doll to represent? I will then guide you to choose colours and symbols that represent the qualities of the doll. You can choose to have a needle felted doll, a hand sewn doll or a mixed media doll.

At this point I will give an estimate of the time needed to complete the doll, and a quote including postage and handling.