Talisman with Scapegoat

The Talisman is an image of your healing goal or who you are becoming. In this image you can see how the powerless and victimised scapegoat has been transformed or re-envisioned. Creating a talisman doll can assist you to enact a healing response (Barb Kobe).
Here is a poem I wrote whilst witnessing the Talisman and recording her message to me:

An ode to the earth mother goddess:

She stands as tall as a tree,
Feet firmly planted,
grounded and alert
connecting heaven with earth
she has panoramic vision
sees with the eyes of the spirit
what needs to be done to bring healing to this place.
Her gift, her medicine
is the the yellow bird of creativity
held in her right hand ready to fly
and the green bird, the mindful witness
of all that is.
Clothed in soft bark
that grows and sheds
her flexible, instinctual protection.
Her power is her dignity and self worth
which radiates from her centre
Heart open to the world,
she is the scapegoat transformed.
© Lisa Fam 2013

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