Maga Dance

Maga Dance (2014)

This is my ” Dancing Maga” doll. “Maga” is term used by Jane Hardwicke Collings to refer to the phase of a women’s life between Mother and Crone i.e around menopause. The Maga is related to the season of Autumn and the harvesting of all a woman’s skill and wisdom thusfar lived. The Maga has much to offer the world. She has a maturity gained from life experience and a depth of integration of the various parts of being (mind, body, spirit) not seen in younger women. I wanted to celebrate this feeling of “coming in to my own”, and the things I have to offer the world. If you are a “Maga”…stand tall and open your heart. You have much to give, and to honour in yourself.

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Maga Dance (2014) – Needle felted doll

Wool and silk merino tops

28cm x16cm