Seasons of the Doll Women’s workshops

Seasons of the Doll Australia facilitates creative and nurturing spaces where participants can gather to explore and connect with their inner wisdom through the process of doll making.




** Currently in recess ** However if you and a group of women (friends, colleagues or your organisation) would like me to run a workshop for you, please be in touch as below!


Workshops are held each season and participants are guided through a holistic process which may include meditation, journalling art making, doll making and reflection.

This process of working with the changes in seasons is transformative and healing as we begin to tune in to and understand the cycles and rhythm of our outer and inner world.  There is a season for letting go, transforming, hibernating renewing and harvesting. Each has their lesson and potential for growth.

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Creating a doll or figure is a powerful process as each doll holds the energy of its maker and reflects back qualities both seen and unseen. This can be a liberating experience, particularly if parts of the self have remained hidden or repressed. The created doll/figure can stand as a symbolic reminder of these qualities that have been brought into the light of day, thereby helping the maker to reintegrate them into themselves.

As doll making works with symbols, and have cross cultural and universal appeal they are particularly suitable to work with a variety of client groups including children, the elderly, refugee and asylum seekers and those with terminal or chronic illnesses.

Past clients of a Seasons of the Doll Workshop include Counterpart, Housing First and Sisterworks Inc.

I can tailor a doll/figure making workshop to meet the unique requirements of your client group. Themes that might be explored: identity, self esteem, body image, finding your inner medicine or power.

If you are interested in a Seasons of the Doll workshop please register your interest below. Thank you!