Seed to Flower




Seed to Flower called me to create her as I was preparing to run a workshop after a hiatus of a year.  I was feeling  indecisive about the content and direction of the workshop and questioning my ability to run it. Of course it is normal to feel some apprehension or anxiety about doing something which we haven’t done for awhile, however I felt the need to create a kind of talisman that would remind me of my capacity to do the work and not get caught in ideals of perfection and negative self talk.

The Process

I gathered some eucalyptus twigs, wool roving and began to needle felt a body to the twig. I liked the fresh green body-it felt uplifting and hopeful.

Seed to Flower

I then added a multi colored shawl tied in a knot at her heart. I put  the small buds from the eucalyptus behind her ear and then gave her a gum nut to hold. She is now carrying the leaves, buds and fruits of the eucalyptus. Her vibrant red hair reminds me of the flower of the eucalyptus. So she is holding the full cycle from seed to flower within her.

Seed to Flower

I took out  a new journal and called it “Dialogues”. And I proceeded to record the conversation I had with the doll. I wrote 4 pages….she had a lot to say! It was like a conversation between myself and a wise, gentle female friend–an elder maybe.

What I love about this process of dialoguing is that other parts of the “self” get a look in. I am not just a bundle of anxieties and fears. Another part of me knows the bigger perspective.

Me: I’m feeling very fearful.I don’t have direction for this workshop. Who am I to teach and present this stuff?

Her: I’m carrying the leaves,buds and fruits of the tree. Like you the tree has cycles. Sometimes it is dormant, and doesn’t seem to be doing much.At others it is putting out new shoots and producing flowers and then fruits. But this happens all in good time. Perhaps you can remember this for yourself. You have been dormant, and now new shoots are starting to appear.The flowers don’t come right away. Can you treat this workshop as an exploration and open yourself to the process of GIVING and RECEIVING?………

and so on